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Therapeutic Massage

Certified Professional Massage Therapists. Insurance Receipts Provided.

Therapeutic, Prenatal, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, accupressure, chackra, or polarity Massage

30 min | 48 $
45 min | 66 $
60 min | 88 $
75 min | 103 $
90 min | 120 $
120 min | 150 $

Specialized massages
Hot or Cold Stone, Hot shell massage, Hot or Cold Massage, Hand / Neck / Foot massage, 

exfoliating massage and hot stones, or Soothing Head Massage, & Signature Lymph and Circulation Treatment

30min  | 60 $
60 min | 98 $
75 min | 114 $
90 min | 129 $


30 min | 33 $
45 min | 48 $
60 min | 63 $

Polarity Therapy

Yoga teacher, Pascale Leblanc has been passionate about Polarity since 2002. Since Yoga and Polarity are like two sisters, she decides to continue her training in Polarity from 2015 to 2018. Since last spring, she has a Diploma in Polarity of the Véga School.

Polarity is an approach that puts life energy back into circulation in order to release certain blockages that cause imbalances and pain. This recirculation is facilitated by the massage therapist who works smoothly and in harmony with very gentle movements on a dressed person.

The movement generated provides various benefits including deep relaxation, reduced stress and anxiety, and improved sleep. It is possible to release energy blockages on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Polarity is based on the five element system borrowed from Ayurveda. In this system, every being is seen as a "landscape of nature" made up of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. By observing the 5 elements, we can understand who we are and contact our strengths and limitations, the beauty of our being and all those around us.
Club Physique 514-633-8333

Pascale Leblanc 514-973-4966
Enseignante Viniyoga É.T.Y.
Thérapeute en Polarité de l'École Véga
À chacun l'enseignement et le soin qu'il lui faut.

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