We use the Épillyss ‘Sensor’ warm wax for all of our waxing treatments. This wax is made with apricot kernel oil, lavender, lemon, and mineral extracts. It is suitable for all skin types ensuring that our clients receive a pleasant experience, especially for people with sensitive skin.

Waxing Services

Waxing Services
Eyebrow Shaping15 minutes$20
Upper Lip10 minutes$15
Underarms10 minutes$15
Half Arms15 minutes$20
Full Arms20 minutes$30
Back + Forearms35 minutes$45
Chest25 minutes$35
Bikini15 minutes$20
Full Brazilian Bikini40 minutes$45
Half Legs25 minutes$35
Full Legs30 minutes$40


Eyebrows + Upper lip20 minutes$25
Upper lip + Bikini20 minutes$25
Underarms + Bikini20 minutes$25
Half Legs + Bikini + Underarms45 minutes$60
Full Legs + Bikini + Underarms50 minutes$65
Half Legs + Bikini35 minutes$45
Full Legs + Bikini45 minutes$50
Full Legs + Brazilian60 minutes$70

This traditional method of hair removal leaves skin smooth and hair-free as if you never had body hair in the first place. We provide the highest quality waxing treatments, leaving you hair-free with no hassle.

*Please note that all of our prices are plus taxes.