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Shiatsu is a naturopathic way to bring balance between yin and yang. This form of therapy can be used in 2 different ways. In the first part, through a reading of the hara, we focus on the main organs that present blockages and use pressure points to bring natural energy flow to the body. In addition, we examine your elements and your diet to achieve a better overall balance. Part 2, stretch the body from head to toe. Shiatsu is practiced on a mat on the floor and the client is fully clothed, so be sure to dress comfortably.

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When you visit us, not only are you investing in yourself, but you are also enjoying a relaxing experience. With a variety of high-quality services, including massage and esthetic treatments, our team of professionals will pamper you.

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We offer premium quality skin and body care essentials including oils, moisturizers, and lotions, right to your doorstep, or through our in-store pickup. In the last few years, our business has gone through a transformation with the introduction of new local products. It is now possible to find products and treatments for a variety of skin concerns while supporting local businesses.

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